1must I have sea travelling experience to rent a boat by Dimensione Mare Charter?
absolutely not! The skipper does conduct the boat and will take care of all duties and problems of sea navigation.
2How can I book the rental of a boat?
If the boat is available in the required period, we elaborate an estimate of costs, if this is accepted, you can confirm the booking of the Charter by paying the 50% of the total amount.
3What do I have to take with me for a cruise on a motorboat?
You just have to take with you your personal things because our boats are furnished with all that is needed to live on board: cooking tools, linen, towels etc.
4how many persons can be accommodated in the Mira 43?
Mira 43 is ideal for 4 persons wishing to cruise and spend their overnights on board.
5Is it possible to rent the boat just for one day and how many persons can be accepted on board?
Yes, it is. Dimensione Mare Yacht Charter can lend you the boat just for one day, for a maximum of 10 persons.
6is it convenient to rent the boat for long periods?
Yes, it is. For rentals over 7 days we apply a discount proportional to the length of the required period.
7Are there other costs that I have to consider besides the price of the boat?
Yes, there are: fuel costs, storeroom costs (food and drink) and the costs of mooring in the ports are not included.
8How can I pay for the boat rental?
You can pay by bank transfer, credit card, check or cash.
9Is it possible to rent the boat without the skipper, if one owns a boat driving licence?
No, it is not possible. Dimensione Mare Yacht Charter lends its boats exclusively with a professional skipper on board.
10is it possible to cook in the boat?
Yes, it is. The boat is furnished and organised for cooking on board.
11is it possible to take little children on the boat?
yes, of course it is possible, children of any age are accepted. In this case parents must be extremely careful and watch over them with the utmost attention.